How Long Will My Pre-Order Take? FAQ'S

When you purchase a Pre-Order, you are buying an Out-Of-Stock or Soon-To-Be-Available product not yet in our inventory. We may collect a partial deposit at checkout, store your payment method, then fulfill and charge the full or remaining payment at a future date.

ETA dates (estimated times of arrives) are subject to change, these are not guaranteed release dates. ETA's are provided to us by our distributors. Delays can occur from weeks to months depending on the reason for the delay. Titan Pop Culture will fulfill your order as soon as the item becomes available with our Australian Distributors.

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) Dates: Are when it's expected that our distributors will receive their stock at their warehouses, products normally do not arrive at our store on their exact ETA date. Allow additional time for us to receive the products before shipping them to you.

> Every effort is made to keep the ETA dates displayed on our website up to date.

Some products may be delayed significantly, this is outside of our control, we will update information on the product page as it becomes available. Store credit is offered should you no longer wish to wait.

> ETA dates are subject to change without notice but will be updated on the product page once we have updated information.

> If an ETA date has past & the product is still shown as a Pre-Order than the distributor has not received the product on it's ETA (Estimated Time of arrival). Once we have an update or the product comes off Pre-order the product page will be updated.

Please feel free to reach out at anytime to see if there is a new ETA.

> Contact us if you require an update on your order. You can also track the fulfilment of your order as products arrive at our store by clicking the link in your confirmation email or by signing in/up on our website & clicking on "Order Status" within the order you'd like to track.